For 15 years, I’ve repeatedly resorted to the help of the Barshchevsky & Partners Moscow bar association lawyers, in particular, to the attorney who later became a partner – Anastasia Rastorgueva. I turned to her not only for work, but also for personal matters. Anastasia advised me on both corporate and family law. And it was clearly, quickly and always effectively. If necessary, she went on business trips. If questions of international law arose, it was always possible to get advice and support. I am very glad that Anastasia is starting her own path. I believe that this is timely, it is really high time, and I plan to seek for her help in the future. I recommend it to everyone.

Andrey Aleksandrovich Kalmykov

The President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, OOO «Lechebnyj centr»

Experience of working with Anastasia includes quick and constructive responses to our requests for clarification of certain controversial legal situations that arise in the course of the activities of our group of companies. Competent approach, attentive attitude, desire to help characterize Anastasia as well.

Alexey Sergeevich Rusakov

The Director of the Legal Department, PAO «TD GUM»

Anastasia has an excellent gift of persuasion, a wide range of professional knowledge and an innate sense of justice. Excellent mediator skills, able to find a mutually beneficial solution for two conflicting parties. Punctuality, commitment, impartiality and the ability to think outside the box, see the situation from different angles and, if necessary, look for non-standard solutions to issues – this is what characterizes Anastasia.

Aleksandra Gedalievna Vald

The Member of the Expert Council of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for the protection of the rights of Retail investors

Anastasia has been with our company for a very long time. When a legal question arises, there is no doubt whom to contact. Willingness to help, understand, prepare documents with high quality this is what characterizes Anastasia. Everything is always clear, so it's comfortable to communicate and collaborate with her.

Andrey Gavrilovich Kabanov

General Director, ZAO «Attrakcion»