Anna Kazimir


Practically experienced in family and inheritance law, including intellectual property. Anna represents Trusters’ interests in disputes on spouses' property distribution, marriage contracts contestation, as well as disputes concerning intellectual property protection.


Graduated Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) with honors degree, “Jurisprudence”.

Additional education: 

  • Further training in “Family law in disputes concerning property and children, bankruptcy and inheritance”.
  • Training courses in “Soft Skills for Lawyers” by Soft Skills Law Academy. 

Awards and publications: 

Anna is the winner of the Round table of VI Student’s Law Forum in “Law regulation of family business in the Russian Federation”. 

There are certain publications in scientific magazines: “Does the constituent document mean property distribution agreement?”, “International child adoption for the Russian Federation in the context of children rights protection”, “The right and prohibition of artificial pregnancy termination: Russia and international experience”, “Surrogate motherhood: maternity, business or trend”, “Are the constitutional frameworks for the children's rights protection always respected?”